Wintergreen Essential Oil: Private Label Soreness Salve

Sometimes our aches and pains can get the best of us. We lose sleep, can t walk around as easy, or simply realize that it s time to reinstate that yoga routine we ve been talking about. Either way, our sore and tired muscles and joints could use some thoughtful help now and again, and wintergreen essential oil is perfectly suited for this exact purpose.

Wintergreen essential oil is well known for having many of the same applications as birch essential oil. It is believed that the Native American Indians were the first to use this plant for reducing pain in the muscles and joints. It is important to take note that wintergreen essential oil should never be taken internally, put on an open wound, or used inside the mouth. Occasional external application is all you need to experience the effects of this oil, and it should not be used in excess.

With that being said, wintergreen essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant, and the active component that is so famous for helping to take away pain and discomfort is called menthyl salicylate. When the oil is applied to areas in need of some pain relief, a numbing sensation occurs, followed by a sort of anesthetic effect on the nerves of the area. Wintergreen thus makes an excellent addition to private label salves that aim to take away pain and stiffness from muscles and joints.

Naturally, wintergreen essential oil is considered to be an anti-rheumatic. This is due to the fact that when applied to the affected area, Wintergreen stimulates blood flow that results in extra warmth and much needed nourishment delivered to the area. Not surprisingly, it is also considered to be an oil with antispasmodic qualities. This helps tremendously with muscle spasms and cramps, and is yet another reason why wintergreen makes a great addition to private label salves and balms that treat pain and stiffness in the body.

Wintergreen essential oil has been used for years to help the body through times of sore, stiff, and painful muscles and joints. It is an oil that requires respect and proper understanding of its uses and contraindications. As long as it is used correctly, wintergreen can provide much needed relief from pain that would otherwise be tiring and cumbersome to deal with. Private label formulas that use wintergreen for this purpose are wonderful tools that help to drive away that stiff, irritating ache.

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