Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Ylang ylang is a wonderful essential oil that has a long history. It is part of the custard-apple family that originated in Southeast Asia. Ylang ylang is extracted from the flower petals. The petals are picked early in the morning to get as much oil from the petals as possible.

Ylang ylang fragrance is intoxicating. It has a long history of being used as a type of exotic fragrance because of its scent. In Indonesia people use to spread the flowers on the marriage bed of a newly married couple.

Ylang ylang is used a lot to treat medical conditions. It is used a lot in skin ointment for skin irritations and skin diseases. It also can relieve skin that is irritated by insect bites.

Ylang ylang also helps hair growth and restoration. It can be beneficial for people trying to prevent a fever from coming on. Ylang ylang is often used to fight infections.

It mixes well with other essential oils. In particular Ylang ylang mixes well with rosewood, lemon, and clove. Other essential oils that it mixes well with are ginger, orange, eucalyptus citriodora, sandalwood, jasmine and rose.

Ylang ylang is known for balancing out emotions. It is often associated with joy, calm and enthusiasm. It works well to promote emotional healing and encouraging one to improve their self-confidence levels.

It's fragrance is often used to balance out male-female energies and sensuality. It is used a lot with aromatherapy to increase ones focus and thoughts. It promotes a peaceful feeling, which can help with relaxation and relief.

Lets not forget about its other benefits. Ylang ylang is believed to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic oil. It also helps to regulate the heartbeat. It is often used for cardiac arrhythmia and other cardiac problems. When people have a lot of digestive issues ylang ylang can help out with that as well. In particular it works well for people suffering from intestinal complaints.

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