Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Exotic Floral Essence

Essential oils are distilled from a number of different plant parts- everything from resins and stems, to leaves and occasionally even grasses. But it is the flowers that often evoke the most magical experiences, and great care is taken to ensure that they are harvested and processed at the correct time. Ylang ylang is no exception to this; these fragrant blossoms are harvested and distilled in the early morning, when their fragrance (and therapeutic potential) is at its peak.

Ylang ylang means, flower of flowers and its origins take us all the way to the Philippines, where the flowers are sprinkled over the beds of newlywed couples. As you might have guessed, the flowers and their resulting essential oil are considered to be an aphrodisiac. Much like Jasmine, ylang ylang s sweet and floral smell is known to inspire amorous feelings in all who inhale it. Because it is also a de-stressor, it can help with loss of libido and frigidity that is associated with high levels of stress and an inability to let go.

Ylang ylang essential oil is a wonderful antidepressant and relaxes both the body and the mind. By relieving stress, tension and anxiety, you not only feel better, but you are also able to perform better in your daily life as well. Ylang ylang oil drives away sadness with its sweet smelling nectar, and induces feelings of joy and hope where once there was sadness and despair. In fact, oriental medicine regards ylang ylang as a calming heart tonic.

Ylang ylang s sweet aroma has been revered and researched for hundreds of years, and has been featured in many of the world s most popular fragrances, such as Chanel No. 5. Ylang ylang essential oil blends wonderfully with other oils such as sandalwood or lemongrass and many people prefer it this way because of its rather strong aroma. However, you may find that the higher quality the oil, the more pleasant the aroma is on its own.

The beautiful bright yellow flowers of the ylang ylang tree produce an essential oil that provides welcome relief from stress, tension, and sadness. Fear and emotional strain melt away in the presence of this exotic floral oil, and are replaced by an open heart, love and relaxation. The slightly musky scent can also be utilized as a therapeutic natural perfume, acting as both a feminine bouquet and a welcome relaxation tonic.  

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