Choosing the Best Wholesale Natural Hair Products

When it comes to creating your own hair care products, one thing most people look for is a product with natural ingredients and the power to moisturize even the driest of hair. While many products available on store shelves will provide sufficient moisture, the other ingredients included may not be so beneficial. As a result, natural hair products and organic ingredients are increasing in popularity, as they possess the ability to cleanse and moisturize without irritating ingredients.

If you'd like to reap the benefits of the growing trend, you can do so with RainShadow Labs. We sell wholesale natural hair products that are loaded with organic ingredients, beneficial to a variety of hair types. Even if you decide to buy it for yourself, we have plenty of products to choose from. In an effort to help make your decision easier, we'll take a look at the best ingredients. Let's jump right in.

Wholesale Natural Hair Products: 5 Ingredients to Look For

When shopping for natural hair products, whether you want to stock up or sell your own, you really can't go wrong. However, some ingredients are far more sought after than others for their beneficial properties. View the list below for the top 5 ingredients you should look for in your natural hair care products.

  • Shea Butter: As an emollient, shea butter contains a high amount of fatty acids and can help hair retain moisture, as it leaves a layer of oil on the surface of hair strands.
  • Coconut Oil: Another great ingredient for locking in moisture, coconut oil gives your hair a nice shine while strengthening it as well.
  • Polyquaternium-7: Often used in shampoo and conditioner combos, this ingredient can help with detangling hair as well as softening it.
  • Jojoba: Great for damaged hair and split ends, jojoba oil will help regulate oil production, while leaving your hair with a beautiful shine.
  • Avocado Oil: It may be surprising, but avocados are full of vitamins A, E, and D in addition to a high potassium content. Because it's easily absorbed, avocado can supply nutrients deep into the scalp.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Here's a bonus! Tea tree oil has natural cleansing properties that make it popular in natural hair care products, making it a great option for dry scalps. Be careful with your application, though, as overdoing it could cause irritation.

Keys to Finding the Best Natural Hair Products

When searching for beneficial ingredients, you should also beware of a few to avoid. Sulfates are one thing to stay away from, but you should also look out for propylene glycol and oleyl betaine, as these are known to cause dry skin and irritation.

Don't forget, you can compliment your wholesale natural hair products with essential oils for even more benefits! Though many of our wholesale hair products contain these beneficial oils, you can always improve your hair care efforts by utilizing them in addition to your shampoos and conditioners.

Wholesale Hair Products at RainShadow Labs

As mentioned, you can find a variety of natural hair products on our site, such as our GHCS Conditioning Shampoo. It's packed with natural oils and herbs to clean and condition your hair. Simply put, natural hair products are the way to go. Whether you plan on selling your own or ordering for yourself, you can choose either when shopping with us!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us here.


The Best Wholesale Hair Products

Hair is an important part of your body, because it’s able to completely change your look. Having hair falling down to your hips gives you a different aesthetic compared to having an entirely shaved head. Taking care of your hair should be an important part of your daily routine, which is why it’s important to stock up on product capable of keeping your hair at its healthiest. Unfortunately, most companies selling hair care products use harmful ingredients, which can worsen the health of your hair later on in life.

Here, at RainShadow Labs, we create high-quality product specifically for hair. Our base in St, Helens, Oregon, allows us to use the freshest material around. Using only natural and organic ingredients grants everyone the possibility of using this beneficial item. Following the Whole Foods standard for premium body care ingredients prevents any harmful contaminants from entering your body. Despite this, there are ingredients you should look for when deciding on a hair care product.

Ingredients You Should Look For

Whether you are purchasing our hair care product in wholesale for yourself or for your business, you will not be disappointed with the results you will receive. We’ve worked with a variety of people all resulting in the same thing: success. Spa owners, massage parlors, coffee shops, and even gyms are some of our most popular places to work with. We provide you with a grand list to choose from on our website, including; lotions, creams, essential oils, shampoo and conditioner, and even candles.

Looking through our website you are guaranteed to find something for your business or yourself. After you try the product you’ll realize how exceptional we are, which is why we sell all of our product in wholesale. Additionally, with our ingredients being completely natural it prevents most complications. There are a few particular ingredients you should look for in your search for the perfect hair care product.

Shea butter is used to help retain moisture in your hair, because of its high-fatty acids content. People with dry hair turn to this to not only have more moisture in the hair but lock in the important oils. Coconut oil will not only solidify the moisture into your hair, like Shea Butter would, but it will strengthen it as well. People with tangled hair or want to have a softer feel, should keep an eye out for polyquaternium-7. Jojoba oil is great for fixing damaged hair through its oil regulation process. This oil can also be combined with black pepper oil to create a potent aphrodisiac.

Avocado isn’t just a popular food to mix in with your food, it can also be used to supply nutrients into your scalp. Your scalp will easily absorb the massive volume of A, E and D vitamins. Finally, tea tree oil; this oil contains heavy amounts of cleansing and a popular essential oil used in natural hair care products. Using this will help restore your hair’s natural strength, but overuse can cause irritation. RainShadow Labs only uses organic ingredients, such as the previously mentioned. You can even buy all of these ingredients from our wholesale program. Nonetheless, there are still ingredients you need to be aware of because of their damaging properties.

Ingredients to Avoid

While there are ingredients to make your hair stronger, there are some furthering the damage already done to your hair. This is due to the harsh chemicals being used. Be aware of ingredients like; parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, and, especially, formaldehyde. Parabens are seen in a lot of food and beauty products, which is it’s one of the more dangerous chemicals to be used.

Women are reported to have more parabens than men. Additionally, you can acquire this problematic element through eating, as well. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is what causes the foam to appear when applying shampoo. However, this ingredient has been to known to increase skin-irritation on dry-hair or dry-skin on the scalp.

Synthetic fragrances can be made from a factory of different chemicals. These chemicals can increase irritation on your scalp, seep into your breast milk. Unfortunately, companies don’t need to disclose all the ingredients making the fragrance, which causes more problems for people with sensitive skin. The worst chemical to be used is formaldehyde, though.

In 2013, hundreds of women sued a company because of hair loss, irritation, burning on the scalp and discolored hair. Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic element toward humans, which is why it’s best to avoid it as much possible. Fortunately, at RainShadow Labs, we only use natural and organic ingredients, which is why we have few complaints. You will be able to stock your store up with hundreds of different beneficial products.

Qualities in a Superior Wholesale Product Lab

Our in house lab custom-creates wholesale products for companies both nationally and internationally. In addition to our natural hair care products, some of our other popular wholesale products include: lotions, cremes, serums, scrubs, butters, skin care, masks, beard oil and eye cream. Here are some things that make our wholesale hair products exceptional and stand out from the crowd:

  • Quality Ingredients: Our formulas meet or exceed the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products. We only use raw materials that are kosher, vegan and/or biodegradable.
  • Not Tested On Animals: RainShadow Labs is a cruelty free operation. No product testing is ever done on animals. We employ strict quality control standards to ensure each hair care product we sell is both safe and effective.
  • Pre-formulated Product Line: For those of you who would like to bypass the custom formulation process, we offer a full line of pre-formulated products, see those here.
  • 160 Organic Actives: We proudly offer over 160 organic active ingredients for our private label formulation. Many of our ingredients are grown and harvested right here in Oregon and selected to ensure utmost quality.
  • Eco-friendly: Our in-housing filling and packaging department practices zero waste production and has a strict recycling protocol. We are also 100% wind powered.
  • Custom Formulation Process: We offer custom formulation where we work with you during every step of the process to create your proprietary formula(s) for your line. Our customer care team are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Discover what thousands of companies already know: our natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and high quality hair care products will give your company a competitive market advantage. Your customers will be returning to you time and time again to purchase your unique and custom hair care products. When you succeed, we succeed.

Choosing the Best Place for Wholesale Hair Products

Out of all the companies selling hair care products, remarkably few of them are selling products for people with sensitive skin, nor care about the environment. These other chemicals being added don’t just damage your hair in the long-run, but the effects on nature is detrimental. Located in St. Helens, Oregon, we use its natural beauty for your benefit. As a matter of fact, our lab is powered through wind, avoiding the unnecessary bills and problems of using another company’s energy.

Being a 100 percent waste free lab prevents any carbon footprint from appearing because of us. Furthermore, we provide you with products everyone will enjoy since there are no harmful chemical. Through our wholesale program you will be able stock up for a month. Your business will also receive an uptick in profits because of these beauty tools. Even if you don’t see the exact item in our website we can still make what you want.

We don’t just offer wholesale to people, but private label partnerships as well. We will be able to combine any mixture of ingredients to create the perfect shampoo and conditioner for you. The only thing you’ll need to do is think of a marketing plan and find a manufacturer. Contact us now to learn more about our wholesale program or if you want to create your own private label hair care items.