Different Grades of Essential Oils

The first thing to understand about the different grades of essential oils is that there are two kinds of oils: natural and synthetic. Synthetic oils are used for perfume, and they mimic the aroma of natural oils. They contain harmful chemicals and should never be applied to the skin. To avoid their potential negative side-effects, the team at RainShadow Labs avoids using any harmful synthetic chemicals in our products. Natural essential oils are volatile oil concentrates distilled from plants. They are often times, diluted with a carrier oil to make them more economical to use.

Natural oils contain real benefits that have been clinically measured and recorded. RainShadow Labs has worked with and offered essential oils since 1983, and we proudly offer wholesale essential oils and private label blends for resale use. Find out more about RainShadow Labs premium selection by visiting our website or by calling 503-366-3413.

The 4 Types of Essential Oils

If you’ve ever shopped around for essential oils, you know that the prices may vary. Some products seem abnormally cheap, while other companies try to sell a single bottle for over $200! Understanding the different types of essential oils can help you avoid cheap products from companies that mark up the price of their low-quality oil.

Grade A oils are pure and therapeutic. These are the most expensive oils because they are made from organically grown plants and distilled numerous times. Grade B oils are “food grade,” meaning they may contain synthetics, pesticides, fertilizers, or carrier oils. Grade B oils are not necessarily unsafe, but they contain chemical additives that you may not want to put on your skin. Grade C oils are perfume grade, and they contain the same chemical additives as grade B oils in addition to a synthetic fragrance. The lowest grade of essential oil is floral water, which is the byproduct of the distillation process. Floral water has no concentrated aromatherapeutic qualities, and it may only be safe if the distillation process was grade A.

RainShadow Labs only uses grade A oils that we source consciously and test on ourselves beforehand. Our essential oil selection has earned us thousands of private label partners that have grown their business with our great products. Your products deserve the highest quality of ingredients, and that’s what RainShadow Labs has to offer.

Shop RainShadow Labs Therapeutic Grade Oils

Two of our most popular therapeutic essential oils are petitgrain and patchouli. Petitgrain calms the mind, and its aromatherapeutic properties make it great for people with mild anxiety and insomnia. In addition to soothing the body and mind, petit grain supports the function of the autonomic nervous system and helps fight against inflammation. Patchouli oil is made popular by its versatility and distinctive smell. It can be used to help with feelings of depression and sadness. You can also use this oil to repel bugs while also providing the skin with antibacterial protection.