Natural Makeup Manufacturers

What you put on your skin matters. Too many commercial products contain toxic ingredients that can cause damage to your skin and body. Petrochemicals, parabens, and sulfates have negative effects on the environment and your skin. Anything you put on your skin can potentially enter your bloodstream to cause additional damage. Consumers across the country are switching to natural makeup and skincare products because they are better and pose less risk than their synthetic counterparts.

Spas looking to keep up with health and beauty trends can partner with natural makeup manufacturers. Stocking a back bar with wholesale products will increase your profits and customer loyalty. Buying straight from the manufacturer will save you money on retail markups, and choosing private label will save you time and effort.

How Private Label Manufacturing Can Grow Your Business

Private label manufacturers enable business owners to focus more on marketing and selling each product instead of worrying about their production and labeling. For 30 years, RainShadow Labs has been the trusted source of all-natural skincare products. Our researchers use cutting-edge technology to find new ways to combine raw ingredients into products that customers love. Retailers that offer high-quality products that are all-natural will attract more customers.

The first step towards making a successful label is choosing a manufacturer that’s right for you. RainShadow Labs leads the industry in natural skincare products. Our in-house manufacturing is waste-free and 100% wind-powered. We consciously source our ingredients and discover new ways to combine them into products that restore and revitalize the skin. Our scrubs, cremes, lotions, facial masks, and foaming gels are completely natural and/or organic, and they will increase the value and quality of your brand.

The second step to creating a private label is to decide on a product you would like to sell. RainShadow Labs offers obligation free consultations to business owners who aren’t sure about what they want to make but have a general idea. If you have specific ingredients in mind that you would like to combine into a custom skincare product, our formulation team will work with you. Our team leads the way in skincare innovation, and we will happily formulate a product to meet your customers’ needs.

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Starting a private label line is an effective way for owners to grow their business. With RainShadow Labs, they can focus on the selling and marketing of each product without needing to worry about the quality. We have launched thousands of personal care products that exceed customer expectations. As consumers continue to buy natural skincare products, stocking your backbar with your own organic private label will both grow your business and help protect the environment. Call us today at 503-366-3413 or visit our website.