Organic Fragrance Oils Wholesale

When it comes to selecting a fragrance or perfume it can seem like there aren’t enough options that meet your budget, quality and scent preferences. Many products are filled with synthetic ingredients that can often irritate your skin, leave an unpleasant lingering odor once the fresh scent is gone, and even cause allergic reactions in some people. Learn how you can craft a scent of your own with ourorganic fragrance oils wholesale option today.

When you buy products from RainShadow Labs you are investing in the best. We offer a wide variety of essential oils and fragrances and give our customers the power to choose the best option for them through our private label and wholesale options. Learn more about the benefits of essential oils, the fragrances we offer and our production process.

Benefits of Essential Oils

One of the many benefits of essential oils and essential oil based fragrances are the variety of scents you can choose from. If you like to get creative, you can also mix different oils together to make a new scent with combined aromatherapeutic benefits.

Benefits of essential oil fragrances include their anti-inflammatory properties. This can help with things like various skincare issues, for example.

Essential oil fragrances can also help relax your body or soothe an overthinking, stressed out mind- even when used on the go. A simple dab on the wrists, whiff from the bottle or sniff as you pass your diffuser are all you need to experience the calming properties of essential oil fragrances.

Fragrance Products

We offer products that are designed to bring the best aromas to your privte label and personal skincare, body and both products. From Lavender’s grounding effects to Peppermint’s awakening and uplifting feel, you can find a scent that is right for you.

Some of our favorite fragrances include:


  • Kiwi Fragrance-tropical properties that inspire fresh motivation.
  • Lemongrass Sage- provides a bright and slightly herbaceous aroma that will keep you grounded and awake.
  • White Tea Lotus- offers an exotic and calming aroma good for all occasions.
  • Rose Blossom- offers a slightly sweet, floral smell that opens the heart.
  • Vanilla Bean- warm and inviting, this aroma makes the user feel calm and relaxed.


These fragrances are just a sample of the options we offer at RainShadow Labs; we offer over 80 different fragrances for your olfactory enjoyment.

Many of our products are 100% natural, alcohol-free and phthalate free. With no added chemicals or synthetic color, our fragrances are not harsh on your skin and can be used throughout the day as needed.

Production Process

Our dedicated production team and custom formulation teams work tirelessly to create the best skincare product with the best ingredients available. Our quality control is there to make sure all products are made with and sustain integrity, efficacy and compliance with all industry regulations as well as in-house quality standards.

All of our products are cruelty free and vegan, save for those select few that contain honey and/or beeswax from happy bees. We used recyclable packaging on our products and source our ingredients as locally and sustainably as possible.


If you are interested in purchasing organic fragrances, want to learn more about our production facility and how you can private label with us, or just have more questions contact us today!

You can also speak to one of our essential oil experts by calling 503.366.3413