Private Label CBD Skin Care Cosmetics

Starting your own private label line of skin care cosmetics can be frightening and, let's face it, confusing. Knowing where to start, which company to partner with and what types of CBD products to carry can stall your forward momentum. RainShadow Labs is dedicated to giving you the answers to all your questions so you can decide for yourself which company fully fits your needs and wants.

As one of the leading private label skin care cosmetic manufacturers, we are dedicated to the service of our customers and community, as well as the preservation of our planet. Our 100% wind powered facility utilizes only recycled materials in the packaging, labeling and shipping of all of our products. We proudly manufacture each product right here in the United States with organic and natural ingredients, many of which are locally sourced.To that end, let's talk all things CBD and private label.

Why Choose CBD Oil Skin Care Cosmetics?

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is an active ingredient found in hemp and marijuana plants. While THC is responsible for the high that is often associated with marajuana, CBD doesn't contain any of the mind altering, psychoactive properties commonly associated with THC. CBD first made its debut as an ingredient in salves and can now be found in an array of skin and beauty products. A quick google search and you'll find products like lip balm, eye shadow, bath bombs and facial products. 

RainShadow Labs has invested many years and a considerable amount of money into the research and development of our CBD Plus line of products. Our CBD oil is laboratory tested, with third party quality assurance, and a chemical free CO2 extraction process. This means utilizing our CBD oil in your private label products will yield the highest quality, most luxurious CBD skin care products available. Our private label process is simple and straight-forward.

How Can Private Label Benefit My Business

We've worked with thousands of brand partners from countries all over the world. Combining our innovative technology with hand selected ingredients yields the most superior CBD skin care cosmetics possible. Whether you are an esthetician, spa owner or massage therapist, our private label products can help you build your business and brand and can offer benefits such as:

  • Exclusivity: Providing a distinctive product your customers can only get through you provides an exclusivity many companies don't have. Your private label CBD line will have your company name, logo and branding resulting in strong customer loyalty and recognition. Your clients will come back time and again to get the custom products they love.
  • Wholesale Possibilities: Once your name is out there, you may have the opportunity to provide limited access to other retailers who may seek to sell your high end CBD products. This can mean large profit margins for you and more exposure of your signature line.
  • Branding: With customized labeling and packaging, your private label CBD line could become a household name. This will eventually lead to higher revenue specifically from your private label line and can result in more traffic to your business.
  • Revenue: Private labeling gives you the opportunity to provide a customized product at wholesale pricing, increasing your profit margin. Putting your name and logo on your product increases awareness and will naturally keep business flowing.

Private label products are becoming increasingly popular; revolutionizing the way consumers research and purchase products. This, in turn, is providing a cost efficient way for even the smallest company to create their own CBD line of products that are affordable, luxurious and accessible.

Our Superior Products and Ingredients

As we've already discussed, we utilize an array of high-end, bio-available ingredients in each and every product produced in our facility. These ingredients, many of which come from right here in the Pacific Northwest, are thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy. We believe in being 100% transparent with our customers. We want you to understand exactly what we put into each product we produce (and what we don't!). Let's talk about our CBD Plus products:

  • CBD Plus Cream: This luxurious all over body cream contains a powerful arsenal of ingredients chosen for their ability to support happy, glowing skin. With 32mg of CBD per 1 ounce of cream, the CBD alone should give you enough reason to add this to your skin care routine. It also has vitamin E and aloe, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil and green tea. Our CBD oil is laboratory tested, with third party quality assurance, and a chemical free CO2 extraction process. This means we utilize only the most effective, high quality CBD oil on the market. 
  • CBD Plus Gel: Our signature CBD Plus Gel is a light, smooth gel ideal for full body use. With its beautiful texture, this gel is absorbed quickly and never greasy. Not only does this formula include 32mg of CBD oil per 1 ounce of cream, we've also included ingredients like aloe and coconut oil, wild geranium and hempseed oil. As with our CBD Plus Cream, our CBD oil is lab tested, with third party quality assurance, and a chemical free CO2 extraction process. We want you to know you're receiving the safest, most effective private label CBD product in the industry.

Putting your reputation on the line by providing a private label line of skin care cosmetics can be overwhelming and scary. We want you to know we don't put our name on any product that is not in line with our exacting standards. In addition to this, each and every product passes a series of quality control measures that exceed those recommended by industry professionals. 

At RainShadow Labs, if you can imagine it, our formulary team can develop and perfect it. Our flagship CBD oil skin care products have been years in the making. Our success as a company depends wholly on your success. We don't release any product we haven't personally tested and would highly recommend to our family and friends. Call today at 503-366-3413 to begin your private label order or for any questions you may have!