Private Label Fragrance Manufacturers

Fragrance can say a lot about a person. Certain smells can even indicate personality type and mood. Fragrances can also be used to calm emotions, create specific sensations and cover up other unwanted aromas. For a unique fragrance that is made for you, learn more about Private Label fragrance manufacturers.

At RainShadow Labs we use natural and organic ingredients in our skincare and beauty formulations, and this includes our natural fragrances and essential oils. Our fragrance line gives our clients the power to choose whatever aroma best fits their style and preference for each and every product. Additionally, many of these aromas, when essential oil based, have aromatherapeutic benefits that go beyond simply smelling good.


At RainShadow Labs, we offer two fragrance options: pure essential oils and natural fragrance blends. Our pure essential oils are distilled from real plants and never adulterated. Our natural fragrances are combinations of natural aroma chemicals that are diluted into a scent that can be worn, sprayed, or burned depending on how you choose to use your fragrance.

Many of our blends are Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) free. DPG is a solvent used in many fragrances that often reduces the strength of the fragrance oil being added. When it comes to products such as candles, DPG can prevent it from burning correctly.

In addition to being DPG free, our fragrances are alcohol and phthalate free. Alcohol can often make fragrances harsher on sensitive skin if worn directly, and phthalates are common esters of phthalic acid that are used as plasticizers. Neither of these ingredients should be included in an all-natural fragrance, so we don’t include them in many of our products!

Craft Your Own

We offer a variety of aromas and scent blends from jasmine to mango and everything in between. If you or your business is looking for a particular mixture or stand alone scent, look no further.

Our wind-powered manufacturing center in St. Helens, Oregon specializes in private labeling, where we work with you to create natural and organic skincare products for you to sell. Our mission is to be in service to our customers, our community and our planet. It is through this deep commitment to service that we offer you the best of the best so your private label fragrance project can come to fruition.

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If you are interested in crafting your own private label fragrance, want to explore our variety of organic products, or have more questions about organic skincarecontact us today!

You can also speak to someone at our St. Helens, OR office by calling 503.366.3413.