Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade oil is the highest grade of essential oil quality. Our customers use therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy, as a flavoring, topical relief, or to add a fragrance to any room. Consumers throughout the country are switching to therapeutic grade essential oils because of their natural benefits and organic ingredients.

Many name-brand skin care products contain ingredients that may cause skin irritation. Any chemical additive or synthetic ingredient that you apply to skin may penetrate into the bloodstream and cause mild to severe symptoms. At RainShadow Labs, be believe in combining science with nature to create high-quality, low-cost skincare products. Spas and massage parlors looking to fill their back bar with organic products should check out our wholesale pricing. Businesses looking to launch a private label should call our offices for more information about our partnerships.

How RainShadow Labs Oils are Different

The experts at RSL process and manufacture oils in our 100% wind-powered labs in St. Helens, Oregon. Our facilities are waste-free and completely wind-powered. We source many of our oils from right here in the Pacific Northwest, with many others coming from the greater United States and North America. Our products are pure, therapeutic, and safe for most all skin types. Check out our website for more information on our cremes, lotions, scrubs, and essential oils.

Top Selling Aromatherapy Oils

For centuries, people have used aromatherapy as a form of holistic care for its ability to help reduce stress, enhance meditation and open the heart. When an aromatherapeutic essential oil is inhaled or diffused throughout a room, the aromas enter the mucous membranes located in the nasal cavity. The aromatherapeutic compounds have an effect on the limbic system that’s responsible for emotions, memory and arousal. Aromatherapy users use oils to regulate stress, increase the body’s natural ability to fight fatigue, boost brain function, and to even help with sleep.

Petit Grain Essential Oil

Petit Grain has a calming effect on the mind, and customers often combine this oil with other RainShadow Labs product to help fight against anxiety and insomnia. If used topically, petit grain essential oil can help to reduce inflammation. This oil is popular among teenage customers because of its ability to help with acne, greasy hair, and excessive perspiration.

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RainShadow Labs manufacturs organic cremes, lotions, scrubs, essential oils, fragrances and more! We proudly offer wholesale pricing on all of our bulk items. Those interested in launching a private label product that will grow their brand should call our offices at (503) 366-3413. Coffee shops, spas, massage parlors, gyms, and supplement stores can attract new customers by offering a high-quality, organic skin care product that is long-lasting and effective.