A Guide to Buying Wholesale Essential Oils

For personal use or resale, essential oils are great when you choose wisely. Before you can choose wisely, you'll need to consider which oils are used for what, how the oils are graded, and what you need to sell your own blends. Fortunately, we can help you along the way.

Wholesale Essential Oils for Resale: Things to Consider

When purchasing wholesale essential oils for resale, you can never be too safe, but that goes for personal use as well. Different oils have different uses. Some are distilled specifically for one purpose, and they could be otherwise harmful if not used for that intended purpose. Take a look below to see what you should consider when purchasing your oils:

  • Intended Use: Consider how each oil will be used, then decide on the type of oil accordingly. For instance, if you're using the oils on yourself, you'll need 100% therapeutic oil.
  • Extraction Method: To ensure quality, try finding how a particular oil was extracted. As a reference, steam-distilled oils are generally of higher quality in comparison to that of water.
  • Cost: Always be aware of prices. If an oil claims to be pure and high-quality, but is offered at a low price, it may be too good to be true. Quality oils won't necessarily be "cheap," so check the label and do your research. Grade (discussed below) will also help you decide.
  • Grade: Depending on the intended use, you'll want to find an essential oil with the appropriate grade, similar to what we mentioned above about intended use. For help, we've detailed the grading of essential oils below.

4 Grades of Essential Oils

As mentioned, you'll need to consider the grade of each of your oils and how you plan them to be used. While the FDA and government do not regulate this grading scale, you can get an idea of the quality of the oil you're purchasing. Check out the grades of oils below:

  • Therapeutic (A): Grade A oils are pure and go through numerous distillation processes for optimal quality.
  • Natural/Food Grade (B): Grade B oils may still have traces of chemicals, though the oil is still deemed organic.
  • Perfume Grade (C): Though unaltered, Grade C oils are highly concentrated and contain some chemicals.
  • Floral Waters (D): The lowest quality, floral waters are often used in cosmetic products and are actually synthetic oils with similar properties.

Wholesale Essential Oils from RainShadow Labs

As you can see, there's plenty to consider when purchasing wholesale essential oils. If you're planning to resell your essential oils, you'll need to consider what your oil will be used for, paying mind to the grade and extraction method. For the best in essential oils, you can browse RainShadow Labs' online store.

To shop our essential oils, go to our essential oils page. You can also contact us here for any questions.

Wholesale Essential Oils from RainShadow Labs