Choosing the Right Massage Products for Your Customers

Choosing the right products for your clients needs and wants can be time consuming and confusing. Likely your massage courses gave you the basics about oils and lotions, let you try out a couple, and then sent you to your next course. However, with the right research and asking the right questions, you can successfully match your clients with the ideal products for their skin type and muscular needs. To ensure you select the right product to compliment your massage, you may wish to consider the following criteria:

Choosing Your Consistency

When choosing the consistency of the massage oil or lotion for a particular client, it is vital to evaluate the desired modality and pressure required. For instance, a heavier oil would be used with a relaxing modality such as swedish where the strokes remain light. This is due to the slow absorption rate of the heavier oils. This will give you long, sweeping strokes with little need to reapply oil. Lighter oils, such as grapeseed oil, have a quicker absorption rate and lend themselves to deeper massages. Quicker absorption means you retain the ability to control movements and apply deeper more targeted pressure without slipping. Essential oils can be added for added efficacy for injuries or inflammation.

Avoid Allergens

Many people react adversely to strong smells or added fragrances in oils and lotions. Consulting with each client before their appointment can help you avoid causing any adverse reactions during their massage. If your client is allergic to nuts, you may want to avoid nut based oils. When your client already has irritated or inflamed skin, utilizing an oil such as Vitamin E or Jojoba could help soothe and promote healing of itchy, inflamed and/or irritated skin. Avoiding scented oils or lotions for those who have skin conditions and allergies is usually the best course of action. You may want to keep a hypoallergenic lotion on hand, such as our Therapeutic Ultra Massage Creme, for these types of skin concerns.

Consider the Future

As we all know, having a massage often leaves you relaxed, if not a bit disheveled in appearance. You may want to consider you client s immediate plans when beginning their session. If they are headed back to work or a night out, you may want to offer showering facilities or take extra precaution with hair and oil choice. Choosing an oil that is absorbed more quickly could leave them feeling soft and oil-free. Offering a room to freshen up, complete with hair spray and towels could also be food for thought.

Personalizing your session and remembering your client s needs will ensure client loyalty and, in turn, they ll refer you to friends and relatives. Finding your niche and offering various options for oils and lotions will ensure you can fit any need or situation. RainShadow Labs is proud to offer superior massage oils and lotions for any situation and skin type. As a full-service facility, we offer: wholesale massage therapy products, buy direct products, custom manufacturing and private label massage products to companies and individuals all over the world. Call today call 503-366-3413 to begin your order.

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