Benefits of Natural Soap

Natural soaps are suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Natural soaps dont contain chemical additives such as alcohols, esters, low grade oils, wax and fillers. Natural sops dont contain animal fats, so they cut down on the soap scum often found in the shower or bath.

A natural soap wont strip your skin of its natural oils, so your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth. Natural soap bars are made with coconut, palm, sunflower, rice bran, castor or soya bean oils. You will notice a difference in the way your skin feels when you switch to a natural soap when youve been using a commercial soap.

Natural soaps are made using the cold process method. This means all the ingredients are mixed at a low temperature. This helps them retain all the natural goodness of the base and essential oils.

Natural soaps are loaded with glycerin. Glycerin prevents skin dryness and irritation and is a great moisturizer. Commercial soaps often have the glycerin removed in order to make a harder bar of soap.

Currently there are many different natural soap products available. Check out user reviews to see which soaps will best suit your skins needs. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and caring for your skin will help you feel better all over.
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