Does Soap Kill Bacteria?

Regular bar soap and liquid soap dont actually kill bacteria. That does not mean that the soaps are useless. These soaps help to get rid of bacteria and other germs by loosening the bond between the bacteria and the skin. Water, during the hand washing process is then able to release the bacteria from the skin.

Antibacterial soaps, on the other hand, are able to get rid of many types of bacteria. These soaps not only will reduce bad bacteria, but good bacteria as well. The uses of this type of soap are controversial in the medical community.

Many in the health community do agree that it is best to use antibacterial soap when the hands are very dirty, have touched food or other substances that contain bacteria. Other soaps without antibacterial elements can be used for bathing and frequent hand washing.

All soaps are useful for removing dirt, germs and getting rid of bacteria. Antibacterial soap with alcohol will kill some, but not all germs. It is important to have good hygiene and use soap regularly to avoid immunity deficiencies.

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