LMT Restocking Checklist

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) running a successful business, you likely find yourself needing to restock your shelves frequently. Do you often order supplies only to then realize you need additional items? With this comprehensive checklist, you will simplify this process, saving you time and money.

  • Business Cards: Business cards are vital to marketing your business and getting your name out there. You likely pass out dozens of your cards in a weeks time and should always keep them stocked. Always include your name, business hours, location, benefits of massage therapy and maybe a place for appointment rescheduling. These could even be given for clients to give to friends and neighbors. Never run out of your advertising tools!
  • Massage Oils & Lotions: Your oils and lotions are likely the item on your checklist you run low on most often. Whether you prefer oils or lotions, having a variety for different client needs is also recommended. Do your clients suffer from allergies? A hypoallergenic option, like our Therapeutic Ultra Massage Creme, may be recommended, and would be beneficial to keep on hand for walk-in clients. We have a large selection of cremes, oils and lotions.
  • Essential Oils: If you aren t already using essential oils in your massage practice, you may want to consider adding them. Essential oils can promote overall muscle health and support scar tissue removal. In addition to the physical benefits, essential oils can promote mood stabilization and have powerful aromatherapy benefits.
  • Candles: Candles can help to provide the ideal environment to complement your massage therapy session. They can also provide the aromatherapy benefits we were discussing earlier: promote feelings of well-being, peace and safety. At RainShadow Labs, we offer a variety of ready-to-use candles, or all the supplies necessary to create customized candles for your sessions.
  • Music: Music sets the stage for relaxation, both mentally and physically, for your session. Changing up the music you use can add variety and additional benefits to your sessions. Adding music selected by your clients can also add the personalization they are craving.
  • Sheets and Towels: Sheets are an often overlooked part of your sessions, but can set the stage and assist in relaxation. Flannel sheets often add a warmer, more comfortable cocoon for your client. Sheets need to be changed out occasionally when they get thin or stained. You may consider buying a new set every month, and retiring the oldest set.

Keeping well stocked with popular oils and lotions, music and crisp new sheets can make all the difference in your practice. There is something to be said for being prepared with client favorites. Rainshadow Labs proudly offers a variety of products, especially for LMT s, to keep your clients happy and your business running smoothly. As a full-service facility, we offer: wholesale massage therapy products, buy direct products, custom manufacturing and private label massage products to companies and individuals all over the world. Call today call 503-366-3413 to begin your order.

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