Relief from Hemorrhoids

There are many hemorrhoid treatments in this day and age.  Individuals that prefer natural remedies might feel like they have to use pharmaceutical drugs.  They may feel this way because no other option of treatment is advertised nearly as much.  But this is not true; there are several natural remedies to hemorrhoids.

There are internal and external hemorrhoids.  Internal hemorrhoids usually are present when there is painless rectal bleeding.  External hemorrhoids are present when there are lumps around the anus and there is pain or discomfort.

Hemorrhoids are created when one has a difficult time excreting stools and the veins around the anus become inflamed.  Anyone can get hemorrhoids, but it is more common in some than others.  People who are more likely to get them are those who have difficulty excreting stools, constant diarrhea, genetically predisposed, pregnancy, and being overweight.

Using essential oils to relieve the pain and swelling of hemorrhoids is a very effective and powerful way.  Essential oils also bring about a faster recovery with no side effects.  Essential oils are better than fresh or dried herbs because they are really concentrated.  So with that being said, a lot goes a long way.

Ointments and suppositories from pharmaceutical or herbal companies can only give temporary relief.  Their relief is only temporary because they only work once they are applied and still on the skin.  Essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream and reach the root of the problem.

Before using any remedy it is always important to check for allergies to it.  This will help prevent more pain in a sensitive area.  To see if one is allergic to essential oils dab a small drop on the elbow.  Check the elbow in 24 hours for a reaction.

There are several oils that could work in relieving pain, but for hemorrhoids it is best to use lavender, cypress, and frankincense.  These three are the best because they are anti-inflammatory oils.  Use a drop of one of these oils with a teaspoon full of aloe vera extract for the remedy.

It is best to store the remedy mixture in the refrigerator for added coldness to reduce inflammation.  To apply the mixture to the area it is best to use a cotton swab or pad so that it is soft on the sensitive area.  Apply the mixture directly on the hemorrhoid and repeat the process until the hemorrhoids heal.

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