The Best Lotions for Your Massage Practice

As a busy Licensed Massage Therapist, the last thing you have time for is searching endlessly for the best lotion to compliment the various modalities you offer in your massage practice. Different techniques require different tools in order to be effective. RainShadow Labs offers a complete selection of massage lotions to complement each modality you offer. Whether you specialize in swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, lymphatic drainage or myofascial release we have products designed to give the right combination of glide and workability. Let s talk a little more about each of the lotions we offer:

  • Super Glide Massage Butter: Made with a combination of organic coconut oil, beeswax and cocoa butter, this massage butter will soon be your new favorite. Rich in essential fatty acids, it provides long-lasting glide and deep nourishment for all layers of skin. It also helps to restore and rejuvenate tired, dry skin while simultaneously locking in moisture. Can be warmed slightly for a more comfortable application. Add your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy and muscle benefits.
  • Therapeutic Ultra Massage Creme: This creme features a combination of organic coconut oil, organic aloe, cocoa butter and jojoba oil in addition to dozens of other premium ingredients. This creme is highly versatile and effective for all modalities from deep myofascial release to a circulatory swedish massage. Massage therapists are guaranteed the highest quality and purity in this creme for the most effective, deep tissue treatment available. Non-irritating, nourishing and easy glide are just some of the adjectives used to describe this popular product. Add your client s favorite essential oil blend for a more personalized session.
  • Bruise and Scar Creme: This highly specialized combination of Vitamin E and Arnica Montana is a highly effective bruise and scar treatment. Perfect for spot treatment in a sports massage setting, we re sure you ll find many other uses for this therapeutic creme. Add Black Pepper or Lemon Essential Oils to round out your treatment.
  • Body Butter: Creamy and rich with moisturizing tropical oils, our body butter makes the ideal massage cream. Great for deep tissue massage, this cream is slow to absorb while maintaining just the right amount of glide and will leave skin feeling moisturized. Add Black Pepper Essential Oil to promote healthy circulation.
  • Deluxe Tropical Moisture Treatment: This tropical creme offers a combination of highly concentrated oils for a smooth, easy glide great for all types of massage modalities. Organic plant, flower and nut oils help to lock in moisture and promote skin vitality and elasticity. Kukui Nut Oil helps to fade scarring and break up scar tissue on a microscopic level. Treat your clients to a tropical experience with this specialized creme.

Our lotions and cremes will give your clients a high-end, personalized feel at prices you can afford. Set yourself apart from the hundreds of other LMT s in your area with the most specialized and effective products; your clients will feel the difference. Add your own unique touch by adding your own fragrance oils or essential oils into each product to incorporate a more personalized feeling. As a full-service facility, we offer: wholesale massage therapy products, buy direct products, custom manufacturing and private label massage products to companies and individuals all over the world. Call today call 503-366-3413 to begin your order.

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