A Guide to Buying Wholesale Essential Oils

Welcome to RainShadow Labs. We are an FDA registered facility in service to you, and have been manufacturing private label skincare products since 1983. These include essential oils, and skincare for companies all over the United States and overseas.

Essential oils have long been utilized for their beneficial properties in aromatherapy, skin care and much more. These days, you can find essential oils anywhere, each of them claiming to help with one thing or another. While these oils do indeed present a variety of benefits for beauty and well-being, there are far too many to choose from without the proper research. With this, let RainShadow Labs fill you in on buying wholesale essential oils with quality and value in mind.

For personal use or resale, essential oils are great when you choose wisely. Before you can choose wisely, you'll need to consider which oils are used for what, how the oils are graded, and what you need to sell your own blends. Fortunately, we can help you along the way.

Wholesale Essential Oils for Resale: Things to Consider

When purchasing wholesale essential oils for resale, you can never be too safe, but that goes for personal use as well. Different oils have different uses. Some are distilled specifically for one purpose, and they could be otherwise harmful if not used for that intended purpose. Take a look below to see what you should consider when purchasing your oils:

  • Intended Use: Consider how each oil will be used, then decide on the type of oil accordingly. For instance, if you're using the oils on yourself, you'll need 100% therapeutic oil.
  • Extraction Method: To ensure quality, try finding how a particular oil was extracted. As a reference, steam-distilled oils are generally of higher quality in comparison to that of water.
  • Cost: Always be aware of prices. If an oil claims to be pure and high-quality, but is offered at a low price, it may be too good to be true. Quality oils won't necessarily be "cheap," so check the label and do your research. Grade (discussed below) will also help you decide.
  • Grade: Depending on the intended use, you'll want to find an essential oil with the appropriate grade, similar to what we mentioned above about intended use. For help, we've detailed the grading of essential oils below.

4 Grades of Essential Oils

Whether you are making your own essential oil or starting to use them yourself, you need to understand what they do. There are four grades when it comes to essential oils and each have their own drawbacks and benefits. You'll need to consider the grade of each of your oils and how you plan to use them all. Nonetheless, creating essential oils usually requires you to distill or steam the ingredients being used. Unfortunately, the FDA and government do not regulate this grading scale, resulting in harder a time to identify what essential oils are beneficial and which are unnecessary. This lack of regulation leads companies to lie about what they used and the properties affecting you. Nonetheless, determining the grade of each essential oil is still possible with some patience. Looking at the following essential oil grading system will help you completely understand how and when to use them.

Therapeutic - Grade A

The first grade of essential oils are grade A oils. These are usually called therapeutic essential oils or pure-therapeutic oils. To make this type of oil the manufacturer has to steam distill the food being used. Fortunately, most grade A essential oils use organic or naturally grown food to complete this process. RainShadow Labs is no different with their essential oil making process. Being located in St. Helen, Oregon, has allowed us to use only the freshest naturally grown and organic foods to create our products. Distilling it in a cool temperature room increases the success rate and using "virgin" soil will heighten its benefits.

Natural/Food - Grade B

Grade B essential oils are probably the most popular form of essential oil used and bought. It's even marketed as a pure form essential oil. However, it still contains an uncomfortable amount of harmful chemicals. It's been reported grade B essential oils have traces of fertilizer, pesticide or even synthetic extenders. Not everyone can handle these types of essential oils because of these chemicals, which is why it is important to look at the ingredients included before you make any type of purchase. Even though grade B oils are considered to be from food-related products, it's highly recommended to not consume these essential oils.

Perfume - Grade C

Perfume essential oils are made in the same way as grade B oils are. This results in you putting various harmful chemicals in your body. Like food essential oils, perfume essential oils should not be consumed. Consuming this type of essential oil will leave a bad taste in your mouth and can cause major sickness. The main reason for this is because grade C essential oils use solvents as well as these other chemicals. The use of solvent is to break down all other unwanted ingredients and leaving the prime one intact. Solvents come in a variety of forms, from pure water to paint thinner. Unfortunately, people will still label these oils as pure, which is why you need to understand what's inside the oil before you actually use it. Contact us today so we can answer all of your questions.

Floral Waters - Grade D

Floral water is the last type of essential oil, and it's made from the distillation from grade A oils. The most common use for floral water is to give your belongings a certain smell. For instance, shampoos and conditioners use it the most frequently to give it a pleasurable fragrance. While these are essential oils they don't have any true affect on your body. However, there are variations of this essential oil capable of causing negative side effects were they to be ingested. Synthetic or altered floral waters can cause harmful effects on the human body. In order to make this, though, companies needs hundreds of pounds of the ingredient. It's actually reported you need 1,000 pounds of roses to make a pound of rose floral water. Contact us now to make your own private label floral water.

Essential Oils: What are the Benefits?

If you haven't tried essential oils and experienced their amazing benefits, now is the time. More and more people are finding essential oils are an "essential" part of their everyday lives. Here are some of the key benefits of essential oils:

  • Aromatherapy for calmness and focus
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your home
  • Aromatherapy during bath & shower
  • Ingredient for skin care products
  • Add to your favorite facial product
  • Use in lotions and skin creams for aromatherapy benefits
  • Fragrance enhancement

Not all essential oils are created equal. RainShadow Labs offers high quality essential oils and botanical extracts designed to enhance and simplify your skin and home care. We proudly offer our essential oils at wholesale pricing. This will allow your business to package and resale our oils under your own company name, add them into your own proprietary formulas, or use them yourself for a more affordable price. Our success as a company depends on your success. Clickhere to begin the customization process or call 503-366-3413 to speak to a rep.

Why Choose RainShadow Labs?

Buying wholesale products has become a popular and economical way to do business. Buying our essential oils at wholesale prices will give you a competitive edge when producing your own line of products. You will receive every benefit that comes with our exclusive RainShadow Labs name and reputation and add them to your own product. Our FDA approved products are always vegan, cruelty free and proudly manufactured in the United States. Here are a few of the reasons why RainShadow Labs should be your first choice for your wholesale essential oil needs:

  • Never tested on animals
  • FDA registered facility
  • GMP compliant
  • Women owned and operated
  • We always use natural raw materials
  • Strict quality control standards and in-house quality control systems
  • Vegan formulas

Whether you are a spa owner searching for a way to elevate your customer experience with powerful aromatherapy benefits, want to custom formulate your own essential oil blends or are looking to produce all natural cleaning products with natural scents, our essential oils are designed to enhance, improve and elevate. Don't risk your reputation or waste your money by buying subpar products, choose RainShadow Labs essential oils today!

Wholesale Essential Oils from RainShadow Labs

As you can see, there's plenty to consider when purchasing wholesale essential oils. If you're planning to resell your essential oils, you'll need to consider what your oil will be used for, paying mind to the grade and extraction method. For the best in essential oils, you can browse RainShadow Labs' online store.

To shop our essential oils, go to our essential oils page. You can also contact us here for any questions.

The use of essential oils can be traced back hundreds, even thousands of years. The East has found use for them for a variety of different problems, from relaxation to fertility. Here, at RainShadow Labs, we offer only the best aphrodisiac essential oils for you and your partner. You can either spread the scent around the room and inhale its beneficial properties or rub it on your skin to heighten your body's limbic system response. Our most popular aphrodisiac essential oils are; the black pepper, cacao, jasmine, nutmeg, and ylang ylang.

Each of these essential oils have their own benefits, but it's actually recommended to combine some of these natural soothing oils to improve its effectiveness. For instance, black pepper and ylang ylang essential oils make a potent combination as an aphrodisiac. Of course, you can just use a cacao essential oil to help with your libido, as well. Looking through our pre-formulated line-up of purely organic and natural products you are guaranteed to find something to boost your body's natural cleansing powers.

Keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy can be a long-process, especially if you use products with harmful contaminants. Located in St. Helens, Oregon, RainShadow Labs is able to use the abundance of soothing herbs and plants in the area to create these natural and organic essential oils for your skin. Our most popular products are blue tansy, cedarwood atlas, and helichrysum essential oils.

Blue tansy can give a room a light, beautiful, aromatic scent, as well as act as an booster. However, it's main attribute is its ability to bring strengthen the body's natural way of slowing down aging. Cedarwood atlas essential oils help slow down your production of natural oils or it can assist in the creation of it. Using cedarwood atlas as a topical oil is possible, but you need to dilute it with jojoba oil—which we also offer through our pre-formulated line.

Helichrysum is used by almost everyone in the essential oil industry, because of its ability to heighten your natural glow. Additionally, you don't have to acquire these individually. Through our wholesale program you can stock up for the month or resale at a price you find acceptable. Contact us with any questions you have and we will gladly assist you in the right direction.

The use of essential oils to help with your body's natural properties has been around for thousands of years. It originally started in the Eastern region of the world; India, China, Japan and many more. The popularity for essential oils has only recently risen in the United States. Nonetheless, RainShadow Labs has been creating natural and organic essential oils, creams, lotions, massage oils and much more, for over thirty years. Scrolling through our website you will be able to find a variety of essential oils guaranteed to help you.

Although, acquiring our beginners kit is just as easy and you get everything you need. It includes:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Tangerine
  • Frankincense
  • Rose
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-Ylang

These oils can be spread around a house to help lower your anxiety or you can treat it like a topical cream capable of bringing out the natural rejuvenation process your body has. Since we only use natural and organic ingredients we avoid the harmful side effects from the chemicals other developers use. It also allows most of the population to partake in this beneficial item. Contact us now for any questions you might have about purchasing through wholesale or want a consultation for private label.

Essential oils have been used for a list of problems since it's first creation thousands of years ago. It's been heavily used in Eastern countries, like China and India, and it's only recently grew in popularity in the United States. RainShadow Labs has seen the benefits of essential oils for over thirty years, though. Whether it's creating the essential oil or selling it, you are guaranteed to find the right essential for you. You'll be able to buy the essential oil in bulk because we sell our products in wholesale.

None of your customers will have to deal with the harmful ingredients other companies include in their products, because all of our products are natural and organic. Scrolling through our list of products you will find all kinds of tools to help you with your morning skin care routine. We sell high-quality creams, foaming gels, scrubs, essential oils, fragrances and candles, and many more. We have even been partnered with multiple spas, massage parlours, coffee shops and even gyms. Looking through our website you are guaranteed to find something for you, and if you don't we can create a customized formula for you.

Essential oils are created through a distillation process, but not all essential oils are made the same way. There are four grades of essential oils to follow; grade A, grade B, grade C and grade D. Grade A oils are also known as therapeutic and pure-therapeutic oils. These are made from distilling naturally-grown plants several times, without the use of any additional additives.

Grade B, also known as food-grade, essentials are next, but they use food instead of plants. These have been known to contain traces of pesticides and fertilizers, which can irritate the skin. It's important to remember that while these are food-grade distilled essential oils it's not recommended to consume this in excess.

Grade C essential oils are also known as perfume oils. It's made in the same pattern as grade B oils, but it includes a solvent and synthetic fragrances. These have been known to irritate the skin, yet companies still consider it "pure". This is because there is no regulation on essential oils, which means businesses can lie about what they are putting in there. RainShadow Labs is not only FDA approved, but we use only natural and organic ingredients in our essential oil creating process.

We also follow the Whole Foods standard for food, which means nothing harmful will be added in our products. Finally, grade D, also known as floral water, uses the leftover distillation from the previous oils; typically, grade A oils. Floral water won't leave any effects other than having the area smell pleasant. Nonetheless, we, at RainShadow Labs, guarantee our product is of high-quality, which is why we have partnered with thousands of companies to create private label items.

Food grade essential oils have been used for decades to add a little flavor to a meal, as well as liven up a room. It's safe for consumption—in proper doses—which is why so many people use this type of essential oil. Creating this type of essential relies on the ingredients you use. At RainShadow Labs, we use only natural and organic ingredients to ensure a pleasant experience for the consumer.

Being based in St. Helen, Oregon, we are able to use the vibrant landscape to create beneficial essential oils. Our most popular food grade essentials are: anointed, buddha's breath, and cacao. Anointed essential oils are most popular during Christmas season since it gives it a holiday smell. It can even help with your body's natural way of repairing itself, but it should be diluted with some jojoba oil when used topically. Buddha's breath essential oil is made from lavender, lemon, petit grain, roman chamomile and a couple other ingredients. It's mainly loved because of its way to soothe a room and create a peaceful environment.

Cacao oils have been reported to heighten your body's natural properties to fight against inflammation. We'll even be able to sell you these essential oils in wholesale. However, if you want to create your own essential or mix various oils together we can do that too. Contact us now to receive more information our essential oils, or scroll through our website to find something pre-formulated for you.

Essential oils can be used topically to aid your body's natural defenses against an irritation. Therapeutic essentials can also be used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy may not seem like the best use of an essential oil, but it can actually be more beneficial to you than lathering it on your skin. Additionally, at RainShadow Labs, we use only the best ingredients to create our topical and aromatic products. At our 100 percent waste free lab in St. Helens, Oregon, we ensure every product is made perfectly with natural and organic ingredients.

To affirm our product is one of the best out there we have to know it's doing what it is supposed to do, which is why we test everything on us first. After you've applied it on yourself you will see how effective these oils are and will want to stock up your business with them. RainShadow Labs doesn't just partner up with other businesses and entrepreneurs to provide a reasonable price at wholesale, though; creating private label skin care products is another part of our model. Contact us now to hear how affordable it is to acquire these items in wholesale, or if you want to create your customized essential oil.

Essential oils has been used for thousands of years in the East. At RainShadow Labs, we've been working with essential oils for thirty years. We wanted to create a product capable of helping people with their problems without needing to go to the doctor for medication. Anxiety, insomnia, and lack of energy are all common ailments people encounter in their lives, and using essential oils will boost your body's natural properties for rejuvenation and soothing. Therapeutic grade essential oils are some of the purest forms of oils.

These oils are made in our base, located in St. Helens, Oregon, where we use locally grown ingredients. All of our products are natural and organic, which is why our essential oils can be used on almost any type of skin. Searching through our ingredient lists you'll see we don't use any harmful chemicals, particularly because we follow the Whole Foods standard for food. Look through our website now to see all the pre-formulated essentials offered. Although, if you contact us we will help you make your own formula or assist you in choosing the perfect combination of oils for you.

Essential oil has been found to help all types of ailments people regularly have. Essential oils originally reached its fame in Eastern countries, like China and India. However, it's started to take over the American economy as well. The essential oil market made 5.91 billion dollars in 2016, and it's expected to reach around 12 billion dollars by 2023. RainShadow Labs is a part of this community, which is why we create essential oils using only organically raised ingredients.

Our 100 percent waste free lab in St. Helens, Oregon, acquires locally-grown food and plants to ensure our essential oils are suitable for almost everyone. Looking through our website you will see the vast amount of products we offer, which you can buy in wholesale. You'll be able to stock up on quality essential oils for the purpose of resale, at an affordable price. We'll even mix essential oils together to create a customized formula just for your shop. Contact us now to see what you can buy in wholesale and learn more about our private label program.

Essential oils have been used to relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, and even a lack of energy. It can be applied either topically or through aromatic practices. Despite popular belief, aromatherapy has been founded to be more effective than topical creams. When you inhale the oil it travels into your limbic system where it starts to take effect on your body. Essential oils can help the body use it's natural cleansing properties to make you feel 100 percent again.

At RainShadow Labs we only use naturally grown ingredients to ensure you receive the full organic effect. This ensures almost everyone is capable of using these beneficial oils. As a business owner, you will be able to supply your store with products spa owners, massage places and even coffee shops vivaciously enjoy. Through our wholesale program you will be able to stock up on all of our most popular items; essential oils, massage oils, candles, face scrubs, and lotions. Send us a message if you have any more questions and we will gladly answer them. You can also look through our website to find answers to most of the questions you might have.