Organic Cosmetics Wholesale

Providing customers with a quality product is an essential part of any business. At RainShadow Labs, we give business owners control over which products they stock their shelves with. Those with a general idea of a product they want can work with our private label experts to design and create a custom product to meet their customers’ needs. Our company has over thirty years of experience experimenting with raw ingredients to discover innovative solutions to skin and hair problems. Call 503-366-3413 for an obligation-free consultation or to begin designing your private label.

Your customers deserve the best products. RainShadow Labs welcomes you to an innovative, natural skin care market with wholesale pricing. As you can see from our online catalog, our pricing is lower than other retailers because we manufacture each product in-house. Our organic cosmetics, hair care products, fragrances, candles, essential oils and other exclusive items are made waste-free with natural ingredients. We harness the intelligence of Nature with innovative natural science to make each product unique and versatile. We believe in providing individuals and communities with natural products, and businesses who share the same values will benefit from our sustainable practices.

Wholesale vs. Private Label

Business owners who want total control over their back shelf products will benefit the most from RainShadow Labs private label line. After selecting a reputable manufacturer to partner with, we recommend visiting our website and filling out forms that describe the general idea of your product, and what you want it to do. Spa owners can pick out individual raw materials, and our formulation team will combine them.

Along with more control, business owners benefit from private label manufacturing because it allows them to devote more time and energy to the marketing and distribution of their products. Businesses that partner with RainShadow Labs no longer need to worry about the production part of their cosmetic items. We produce, package, and label each custom product and send it to your business. We are a manufacturer you can rely on, and our quality products will increase customer loyalty and sales.

In addition to our private label custom manufacturing, we offer a line of wholesale products that businesses and individuals can purchase for a discounted price. Since we manufacture everything on site, our products are priced lower than retail value. Buying directly from the manufacturer will save you money, and buying in bulk allows for even more savings!

Call Today for an Obligation-Free Consultation

If you’re looking to grow your business, restock your spa, or simply purchase personal cosmetic products for wholesale pricing, visit our website or call us at 503-366-3413.