Private Label Essential Oils: What You Should Know

Welcome to RainShadow Labs. We are an FDA registered facility in service to you, and have been manufacturing private label essential oils since 1983. We manufacture private label skin care products and wholesale essential oils for companies in the United States and overseas.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have recently grown in popularity for their many beneficial properties, not to mention their many uses. From applying them directly to the skin to inhaling them, you can use essential oils in a variety of ways, and people continue to find more uses. With this, purchasing and distributing your own private label essential oils is a great idea. Whether you have your own company or are ready to start one, you can find everything you need with RainShadow Labs. When it comes to buying and selling private label essential oils, you have plenty of options to satisfy consumers and give them quality oils. You can create popular blends, blend your own, and offer them in different products for a variety of uses. Before you can do all of this, there are a few things you should now, and RainShadow Labs will gladly fill you in. Let's take a look at private label essential oils.

Private Label Essential Oils: Creating Your Own Blend

As mentioned, private label essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you're planning to sell cosmetics, perfumes, massage oils, or simple aromatherapy oils, you can do it all with the right knowledge. If you're going to make blends, which you probably will, you'll need to know which ones to mix to achieve the perfect scent. For a few tips, take a look below:

  • Consider what you'll use your blend for, then choose your essential oils accordingly, based on their category and benefits you want. Essential oils in the same category often mix well together.
  • Review oil notes, which define how quick an oil evaporates or absorbs into the skin. There are 3 types: top, middle, and base notes.
  • When blending, a good rule of thumb is to include 30% of the top note oil, 50% middle note, and 20% base note.
  • Once blended allow at least 24 hours to pass so the oils can mix together.
  • You can dilute your oil with a carrier oil, like jojoba, if you plan for it to be used topically.

Of course, do your research when blending essential oils. You need to consider how each oil is extracted and whether it really is a quality oil. If your blends will be used topically, be sure to dilute it appropriately. Once you're ready, it'll be time to bottle your private label essential oils!

Preparing Your Private Label Essential Oils for Sale

Once you've selected your private label essential oils and found the right blends, it'll be time to bottle them up and add labels. You may be anxious, but you'll need to consider a few things in packaging your private label essential oils. To ensure your products are up to bar, view the list below:

  • Bottling: You should also have your essential oils bottled in glass, especially if they are pure oils. Brown glass bottles are preferable, as this is often a sign of pure oils. Bottles should also be airtight.
  • Storing: Always store your oils in a cool and dry place. If you create and sell oils from your own home, the kitchen or bathroom is ideal for storing.
  • Labeling: Your essential oil labels need to include the plant's botanical name, common name, and show the oil is 100% pure, if it is. You need to also include the origins of the oil extracts.

Fortunately, we'll ensure your oils are bottled correctly at RainShadow Labs. You can even customize your own label and have us create blends for you!

Wholesale Private Label Essential Oils

Rainshadow Labs also brings you private label essential oils at wholesale prices. We were one of the first private label skin care labs in the United States to also offer our products wholesale, at direct from the manufacturer prices. Some of our private label essential oil categories include:

Benefits of Private Label Products

Private label manufacturing is becoming increasingly popular as many companies are adding the exclusivity that unique, custom products can bring. Whether you are a spa owner, a massage therapist or a chiropractor looking to brand label your own line of products, RainShadow Labs can help. We have provided private label products to companies like yours since 1982. Private label manufacturing can be beneficial to your business in ways you may not have considered. Here are four ways private label products can benefit your company:

  • High Profit Margins: Private label products generally have a higher profit margin than resale products. Bulk production costs are usually significantly lower while quality is generally higher.
  • Exclusive Rights: Private label brands will give your company a competitive advantage over your competitors. As you are the only supplier, your returning clientele will be higher than with resale products.
  • Loyalty: Building a long term, loyal customer base is key to a successful business. Private Label products from RainShadow Labs will offer high quality skincare products that your clients will only be able to purchase from you.
  • Wholesale Income: In addition to your exclusive private label line, you could offer wholesale products to a select number of private companies who would then pay you for your elite line of products.

Qualities in a Superior Private Label Lab

Our in house lab custom creates private label products for companies both nationally and internationally. Some of our more popular private label products include: lotions, cremes, serums, scrubs, butters, skin care, hair care, masks, beard oil and eye cream. Companies don't just choose our company by happenstance, they've done their homework and discovered what gives our products the winning difference. Here are some of those things that make our products exceptional and stand out from the crowd:

  • Quality Ingredients: Our formulas meet or exceed the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products. We only use raw materials that are kosher, vegan and/or biodegradable.
  • Not Tested On Animals: RainShadow Labs is a cruelty free operation. No product testing is ever done on animals.
  • Pre-formulated Product Line: For those of you who would like to bypass the custom formulation process, we offer a full line of pre-formulated products, see those <a href="">here</a>.
  • 160 Organic Actives: We proudly offer over 160 organic active ingredients for our private label formulation. Many of our raw ingredients are grown and harvested right here in Oregon.
  • Eco-friendly: Our in-housing filling and packaging department practices zero waste and has a recycling protocol. We're also 100% wind powered.
  • Custom Formulation Process: We offer custom formulation where you manage the process. We work with you in every step of the process to create your proprietary blended product.

Discover what thousands of companies have already discovered: our 100% organic, vegan, cruelty free and high quality products will give your company a competitive market advantage.

Find Private Label Essential Oils with Us!

When it comes to distributing your own private label oils, the options are seemingly endless. Of course, you'll need to consider which oils you use for optimal blends, as well as how you'll package and label your oils. Luckily, you can do it all with RainShadow Labs. As mentioned, you can create your own blends, choose ingredients, and even customize your label. To get started with private label essential oils at RainShadow Labs, click here. You can also contact us for with any questions.